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If you have purchased the App and have a support question, please contact us by email at:

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I purchase the application?

The App is available from the iTunes store. and on the Google Play Store

What will the App cost?

On iOS, the App, including the first 10 units, costs £4.99. From within the App, you can then purchase the additional units in two blocks of 10. You can buy units 11-20 for £2.29 and units 21-30 for £2.29. International prices will be based on these prices. This gives a total price of £9.57.

On Android, there is a single price of £9.98 for the app including all of the 30 units.

What will the App run on?

On iOS, the App works with iOS 6 or later. This includes the iPod touch, the iPhone and the iPad. The original iPod touch is not able to record sound. Other versions of the iPod touch can record sound with an appropriate microphone.

On Android, the app works with Android 4.0.3 or later.

Will it run on the iPad?

Yes, this will run on the iPad. It will run as an iPhone application on the device. You can use the iPad feature to either run it at normal resolution or at full screen resolution.

Can I use the record and playback on my iPod?

The record and playback feature can be used on all devices that support a microphone input. It will work on the iPhone and the iPad and the most recent iPod touch. It will also work on the 2nd generation of iPod touch and later with the additional Apple headphones with built in microphone.

I am trying to buy the additional units, but the App just shows a spinning icon.

If it seems that the process to purchase units has hung, please check that you have an active network connection, either mobile phone or wireless. The network must be enabled so that you can purchase the units.

Depending upon the speed of the connection, it can take a few minutes to make the purchase. Please follow the on-screen instructions and enter your iTunes account login when prompted. Apple manages all of the purchase process and we do not see any of your account details. You will see a confirmation message shown when the purchase has completed.

I am having problems accessing my In-App purchase of the extra units. What is the problem?

November 2013 - An issue was been identified In-App purchases. A fix has been approved and will soon be available on the App Store. The update is free to existing users The fix corrects an issue with buying extra units. There is also be a new button which will allow you to 'restore purchases' on a device. This can be used to enable units on a device, that you have purchased on another device.

26 November 2013 - Version 1.2 is now available. A document explaining the process to make In-App purchases and restore purchase is available.

Will there be a version available for Android?

This was released in February 2016.

Does the App include North or South Welsh?

The App includes both North and South Wales for all units. This is all included in the price. The App starts with South Welsh, but you can easily switch to North Welsh by going to the Settings section on the About tab.

The About Screen

The language setting screen

Are you working on Cwrs Sylfaen and Cwrs Canolradd?

Cwrs Sylfaen is available for iOS and Android. We don't currently have an app for Cwrs Canolradd.

Do you produce a English-Welsh dictionary?

We do not produce a dictionary, other than the vocabulary available in the App. If you would like a good dictionary, please see the application Ap Geiriaduron available from Bangor University. Bangor University also has an online dictionary at